Thursday, May 16, 2013

The world's finest white sand beaches

Turks and Caicos or TCI as it is adorably sometimes called is a British overseas territory consisting of 2 island groups with a population of 45000 and lies 650 miles southeast of Miami.

As one of the last British overseas territories in the world, TCI sustains a very high standard of living through tourism and offshore banking. The beaches are comprised of some of the most exquisite white sugary sand to be found anywhere in the Caribbean. The popular beach at Grace Bay is lined with many high end boutique hotels and Miami like outdoor cafes.

Some of the best reef snorkeling in the world can be found within 100 feet off the shoreline and among its majestic calm turquoise waters. The downtown core on “Provo” which is the main tourist island features the usual high end duty free Caribbean shopping and some very reasonably priced themed restaurants.

Overall a trip to TCI is quite relaxing but a little pricey. Its main advantages are having all the amenities of modern civilization without the hustle and bustle of people, traffic or noise. Plus its only a one and a half hour flight from Miami, a fact that makes it popular with the Miami celebrity crowd. It should also be noted they drive on the British side.

Getting There: During the winter season the island of Providenciales is serviced by charter flights from Canada via Air Canada and West Jet. American airlines include Delta, Jet Blue, United, US and American, while British Airways services TCI from Europe.

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